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Quinoa198421 April 2017
A curious note first of all: this is the first movie directed by Denise Di Novi. She's been a producer for years - I thought I had seen her name somewhere before, and then it clicked when Tim Burton came to mind (she's produced many of his best films) - but now, only now, does she step behind the camera. Why for this? Did the original director walk away or the producers couldn't find someone? It's not strange to see that this is a directorial debut, but it is odd to see that this is made by an industry professional, nay a veteran, and that it's so... bland. Unforgettable rests in an uncomfortable area: not fun enough to be a trashy/campy movie like a No Good Deed or Obsessed (perhaps Idris Elba is the x-factor?), or even like a made-for-TV Lifetime stalker thriller like Stalked by my Doctor (imagine Eric Roberts in the Katherine Heigl role!), and it's not unique or interesting enough to be good.

Actually, that's not wholly fair: Rosario Dawson, as the new lover (and soon to be fiancé) of the ex-husband of the jilted Heigl character, is quite good. It's hard for her to be anything else, and she takes a movie as middling as this as seriously as she would Sin City or Danny Boyle's Trance or whatever the case. She's here to work, while an actress like Heigl is here to be in her one quiet-but- crazy-B-word modus operondi, and Cheryl Ladd (yep, ex Charlies Angels Cheryl Ladd) is more apt for a Lifetime movie, albeit her profile is just right for this character of Heigl's mother.

We've seen this all before, even if we think the divorced angle makes it a little different (only barely, maybe), and as it involves people of mega privilege it feels distanced from a lot of our lives so the emotional immediacy will only be there for those who really stretch to feel it. It's a telegraphed story put upon a movie that somehow has the even stranger luck, speaking of people behind the camera, of being shot by Caleb Deschanel(!) Perhaps if you have less than zero things to do (or are a master at procrastination) and this pops up on a Sunday afternoon on TV it's passable. But in a theater? Well, let's just say you'll be 80% of the time dulled, maybe 19% of the time entertained in that trashy-campy way (which is not a great ratio)... and then the last 1% is a complete WTF last scene ending that made me curse the screen I was gazing.
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Oh my God, this movie blows
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki11 May 2017
Obvious melodrama about a woman being harassed by her fiance's sociopathic ex-wife, and her own violent ex- boyfriend. Sleazy, depressing, and is pointlessly​ told through flashback (from six hyperbolic months earlier) for three quarters of its lazy story, before jumping ahead another six hyperbolic months for the ending.

Heigl is chilling in this, but everyone and everything else is laughable.

It was also a bit unclear when this story is taking place, as characters still have landline phones (along with cell phones) and still have the newspaper delivered to their front door.

The final " Oh, here we go again " end scene, with the grandmother, made me shout, " Oh, f*** off! " at the screen.
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Everyone's a critic
lauradeebishop30 December 2019
To give this film only 1 or 2 stars is overly critical and not a fair rating. It's not an Oscar winner but it's entertaining and the two leading ladies give good performances. Worth a watch.
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Unforgettable is Completely Forgettable
MinistryofDoom25 July 2017
Spare yourself from wasting an hour and forty minutes on this miserable poorly acted snorefest. This is a story that we've seen many times before. You know the one about the couple in love who are ready to take the next step in their relationship when suddenly the psychotic ex comes to make things troublesome for them? We've been there before. It isn't new ground, nor is it a unique story anymore. This story takes no effort to make it's self unique from those other films that focused on this very same plot. Had it been different than the others in some way, it would have been better. Furthermore, Unforgettable mostly felt like an evening Lifetime movie and most of the scenes were dreadfully boring and uneventful. It doesn't even begin to entertain until the last 20 minutes. The saving grace is that it stars not one but two beautiful leading ladies: Rosario Dawson (Marvel/Netflix's DareDevil and Luke Cage, Sin City), who was actually the reason I decided to watch this film in the first place, and Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up, Life as We Know It). The tension between Dawson and Heigl at times felt forced and awkward but both did a great job overall. Heigl in her role as the psychotic Barbie- type really made us believe that she was truly unhinged. The way she menacingly glares at Dawson in her scenes. The way you could actually see when her blood begins to boil...she played the role well. The problem is that even though Heigl and Dawson led the film, they were bound by the limitations of bad writing, bad directing, and bad production and no amount of talent from either Heigl nor Dawson could save this film from it's own failures.
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Unforgettable in the Worst Ways
rs40340421 April 2017
The idea of recovering from a broken relationship is one that could make a very heavy emotional movie. The deep feelings we have for one another when in love and the discovery that your partner no longer shares those feelings is lot to bear. But why explore such issues when you can just make another psycho ex movie.

They must make at least one or two of these every year. However, such films are not being made because they portray deep themes that resonate with the audience. They're being made because they're cheap and pretty much guarantee a return on investment for multi- million (sometimes billion) dollar movie studios.

With the exception of Rosario Dawson, who gives her role a better performance than it deserves, no one in this movie even attempts to do anything compelling with this material. Katherine Heigl's character seems copied and pasted from her role in Home Sweet Hell (2015). Although that cinematic experience was also a suckfest, at least it tried to be something unique. In that film's world, her role as the stuck up housewife who's willing to do anything (including murder) worked (within the established parameters). Here, she plays the same role but in a more grounded universe where you have to seriously wonder who could possibly marry such an abysmal characterization of a human being.

I could criticize the movie's pacing if it had any. Each act feels prolonged far longer than it should be with Heigl repeatedly messing with Dawson as we wait for Dawson to figure out that her fiance's ex is truly, unbelievably, Simon Legree evil. When we finally get to the third act rather than following a natural progression the movie is dragged there kicking and screaming as it allows characters to discover things not because it makes sense but because even the filmmakers finally recognized that this thing must end.

What might be worst of all is that this movie concludes with a bit of clear sequel baiting. At that point, all I could think was "sure, why not". Let's get Unforgettable 2. Hell, let's build an Unforgettable Cinematic Universe with spin-offs and team ups. In that way I hope that I can leave this particular movie's universe and be sure to never come back.

In short, if you need some painful dental work done that would be a much more entertaining expenditure of your time and money.
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What a Lifetime thriller ought to be like
phd_travel13 July 2017
This is a well acted, attractively filmed, well written thriller with an A list cast. Rosario Dawson new fiancée of a man who gets a hard time from the ex wife (Katherine Heigl) and mother of his child.

This is Katherine Heigl's best role yet. She look stunning - even prettier than before. And she acts hilariously well. This kind of role suits her more than the rom com role - we have seen her too many times as the girl who can't find love. Please - she is too pretty to be the wallflower. Her insanely jealous psycho barbie role is played to perfection as she creatively starts to cause trouble.

I liked Cheryl Ladd's role as mother of the ex wife and her scenes establish why psycho barbie is the way she is. Rosario acts convincingly too - better than necessary for the role.

This is the kind of attractive thriller that's just plain entertaining.
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Totally Forgettable
estherde19 April 2017
I am not sure what a movie like this is doing in a theater and not on the Lifetime channel. It's predictable, stupid, and boring. I kept looking at my watch, hoping it was over soon. Once you have seen a terrific movie like "Fatal Attraction", a poor man's version of crazy other woman just won't do. And why is it that a terrific actress like Rosario Dawson seems to get stuck in poor flicks like this. She deserves better. Katherine Heigl, not so much.
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Reviews are way too harsh! READ for genuine review :)
Honestly, people are making out this movie is the worst - It's not at all! I gave this a watch the other night & it was a good keep you on the edge of your seat movie. Yeah, ok, the movie has been done 100 times before but the storyline differed to the usual crazy ex wife still Inlove with her ex husband scenario. There's a lot more hidden & psychologial depth to it. Katherine Heigl played the ex wife brilliantly, she seriously gave me the creeps. A total psychotic, delusional, OCD lunatic! At times I just wanted her to be caught out, I couldn't watch at what her next malicious & deceitful move against Rosario Dawson was going to be! Actors gave 100% throughout - I really don't get why people just can't enjoy a movie that's not so original. I mean, what movies are original these days anyway? 9/10 they've all been done before or they're remakes! Give this movie a go if you like thrillers/dramas. If you have an open mind, then you won't be disappointed!
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Was the title supposed to be a paradox?
idnakb12 August 2017
I need to write this review quickly before I forget that I even watched this. Was the title supposed to be a paradox?

They must not have spent very much money on this film because it shows. It had the potential as a plot but failed in execution. It seems that this film wants to be Gone Girl, but you have to actually be able or want to write a script for that to have happened.

Rosario's character is too weak and needs more lines.

Heigl's character (I don't remember the name in the film and I'm not putting effort into remembering) is overly developed. Julia (played by Rosario) is unfortunately not balanced against this development; this leaves the viewer feeling too frustrated to root for her. As the viewer, I feel manipulated into wanting her to finally stand up to Heigl's character.

This script is too formulaic and insulting to the viewer. For Lifetime, yes this is fair quality but unacceptable for a WB production in 2017.

1 star and this is for the styling team that maintained Rosario's wavy hairstyle.

The film does try to explain why Heigl's character is the way she is, but this is also as hackneyed as Rosario being a weak abuse victim. Give me something throughout the rising action so that I am not left underwhelmed by the climax. Speaking of climax, the sex screen was dry. I like math so I am all for a formula if it works but this 1+1=2 is not as exciting as something like a system of equations with nuanced and dynamic characters vs. these very stale and static ones. Why is the ex husband so dumb? Is it because he is that self-absorbed that he couldn't put together that his ex is crazy and capable of madness? These characters were written so poorly that I really didn't care about anyone. So if the goal of this film was an exercise in apathy, then well done!
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Stupid girl
champetudo31 May 2020
Rosario Dawson is the dumbest girl ever in this movie... Really
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Decent thriller/drama.
Kazombie24 April 2017
This is Fatal Attraction x 10. We have all seen this before. Begrudging and resentful ex/wife etc. cannot accept that her man has moved on. Playing the innocent victim while framing the new woman who has come in to his ex husband's life.

While this film is clearly a 6/10 at the most, I rated it a 7 due to the negativity revolving around it.

The movie is by no means a masterpiece or anything new that we have not seen before, yet it is a decent drama which kept me entertained.

Dawson and Heigl work well in their respective roles. Decent acting paired with average direction and obvious plot holes, Unforgettable should be watched at home as it is clearly note worth the ticket price at the cinema. Personally, I enjoyed it.
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When Lifetime movies make it to Theaters
nickijjohnson25 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was not an actual Lifetime film though I'm sure they will show it at some point. So I thought I'd love seeing Katherine Heigl play a villain since she hasn't stopped playing Izzy from Grey's Anatomy in years. She is literally the exact same character in all of her films. I thought her performance was pretty decent but sadly the part was poorly written like the rest of the movie. Nevermind that I predicted just by watching the trailer Katherine's character was going to die in the end most likely at the hands of Rosario but where is the mystery in between? There was no suspense, every move was predictable right down to the end and the end cat fight sucked. The leading male who is cast basically to play the clueless moron that these cats are fighting over had no chemistry with Rosario Dawson's character. At one point there's the most forced and awkward "sex" scene between the two. They both looked uncomfortable before, during, and after the "sex". Mostly the film was boring and the pace was ridiculously slow the whole time. My last complaint is casting Rosario Dawson to play the bambi eyed damsel. If you cast her as a tough gun toting bitch (Sin City) or a ball busting boss lady(Unstoppable) I believe that but she's too "hard" for this role not soft as needed. Same thing happened casting Kristen Stewart as Bella but I digress. If it's that they wanted a woman of color do Kerry Washington or better yet Hallie B. They both do the shaken damsel in distress beautifully. Not the worst film in the psycho obsessed "fatal attraction" genre but certainly not the best. Pretty forgettable though ironically enough.
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Your typical wife/ex wife film
charlotte-simms-495175 January 2020
I really enjoyed this. Good acting. There are a few films similar to this about but its just as good. Has some strong violence in it.
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Pretty enjoyable thriller
davispittman23 April 2017
I know everyone is saying this movie sucks and giving it horrible reviews advising people not to go see it, but I for one thought it was pretty enjoyable. Unforgettable stars Katharine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, and Cheryl Ladd. It is a pretty tense movie, sort of like a mothers boys type movie. I'll first say that Katherine Heigl was a great villain in the film, I think she was the perfect casting choice for the role of the possessive ex-wife Tessa. There are some people saying that she did a bad job in the movie, but those people are dead wrong, i think she needs to play villains more often going forward. Sure she's always great in a romantic comedy, which is her typical niche, but I think she may have found a new kind of role for herself with this movie. Rosario Dawson is good in the movie too, very sweet and kind character who is being terrorized by the crazy former wife and mother of her new stepdaughter. I thought Geoff was pretty good here too, I like him in grace and Frankie and I liked him here too. Dawson and Stults have really good romantic chemistry. The thriller aspect did have its predictability sometimes but overall it kept me interested and there wasn't a single moment where I was bored or wanted to leave. It's not a fantastic movie and it won't win any big awards, but I enjoyed it as an entertaining thriller and I think you will too. 7/10.
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It is just life stuff
nogodnomasters4 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens with Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) apparently having killed her ex-boyfriend. The film goes into flashback mode with Julia leaving a mental health facility and living a dream life engaged to David Connover (Geoff Stults). David has a daughter Lily (Isabella Kai Rice) and an ex-wife Tessa (Katherine Heigl) who is introduced looking like the evil queen in Snow White. No mystery here. In fact the films shows us Tessa setting up Julia and killing the ex. So with no real mystery, what's to watch? Exactly.

This was a weak drama for those who like Lifetime style films. I was bored to tears. If you like to watch Katherine Heigl do the frowny face, go for it.

Guide: F-word (written on screen) Sex. Brief back nudity.
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Unforgettable? Hardly.
dcarsonhagy25 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Unforgettable" is yet another entry into the "mad, obsessed, ex- wife genre." There is nothing original here.

Ex-wife Katherine Heigl still believes (in her warped little head) that she and ex-hubby will eventually get back together--even if it is over the dead body of husband's latest squeeze, played by Rosario Dawson. Yawn. Dawson's telephone is stolen (right out from under her nose), and Heigl begins her dastardly plans to eliminate her competition.

The movie could have been so much better had the director and producer removed their heads from a certain portion of their anatomy and gone at things from a different angle. We are introduced early on to Heigl's just-as-crazy mother. Had the movie moved on THAT angle, it just might have worked. Why not let the audience think it was the ex-wife orchestrating everything...only to find out it was the mother!

Rated "R" for language, sexual situations, and violence.
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Dawson fails again
iamjamalwhite16 December 2021
This is bad. It is bad acting and predictable plot. There are moments when it is so bad you have to laugh. There is a sex scene where she kicks off a shoe then has both shoes on in bed then stops afterward to put her shoes on. The plot twists are obvious and heavy handed. And then there is dawson. She can't act. Hard to watch. A 5/10 from the viewers on here is a gift.
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As forgettable as any half good TV movie
ElementoSocial24 July 2017
Katherine Heigl have been one of my guilty pleasures ever since I saw her on "My Father the hero", hence she is basically the reason why I decided to give this movie a chance, after all she did performed well on other similar roles (home sweet hell) so hopes were high.

Unfortunately this movie fells down on so many clichés that just simply watching it gets painful. I am not the kind of spectator that keeps track of the movie mistakes but this movie makes it humanly impossible not to do so.

Summarizing, this movie is exactly the opposite....completely forgettable.
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No, completely forgettable! [+32%]
arungeorge1313 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has a storyline befitting the kind of erotic potboiler that Ekta Kapoor would want to make in Bollywood with a B-grade cast. A woman (Katherine Heigl) leaves no stone unturned while raising hell for her ex-husband's new fiancée for reasons that are mentioned in like ten seconds? Hey, one look at that poster and you should be able to say that this is a no-brainer psycho-ex movie.

Rosario Dawson puts up a performance with the kind of earnestness that this film does not deserve, while Heigl tries hard too hard to appear ominous and threatening. Geoff Stults plays the 'typical husband who takes his own sweet time to understand things' in these kind of movies and realization dawns only when he is arguably close to getting whacked on the back of his head. The men in this movie are undeniably a secondary category, with higher significance given to the psychotic ex's propaganda leading to the all-too-predictable cat-fight climax.

Writing by Christina Hodson (who's also penning the Bumblebee spin- off) is average at best, while direction is less than impressive. There's in fact very little innovation in the film to recommend to thriller-fanatics.

Verdict: Disappointingly predictable!
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mm-395 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Barf... sappy... predictable. Well the idea one divorces, the kid will love mom's replacement and the changing times with peoples bad past is the social message. The North vs South California attitudes/cultural war is evident. Too blunt of a message. Just too Psycho Katherine Heigl is too much. A few good moment from Heigl tho. Rosario Dawson character is a weak and plastic character. Just too much of the victim. Clashes with the hard past life which would made Dawson character hard as nails. No Fatal Attraction movie with believable characters along with the slow burn of a woman's scorn. The woman's scorn sub story just has too many working pieces for the evil plot to work. How could that stupid plan actually work! Geoff Stults character is a pansy who lets everything happen and become the invisible man What I would call a non character. The sappy ending makes me barf. The usual plot twist ending. 4 out of 10
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I feel violated
blackirishfox7 July 2018
Give yourselves the time back, go out, smell the roses but for the love of crap do not watch this film.
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Ignore the bad reviews.
qth-267405 January 2020
Ignore the bad reviews, they must have been watching something else.
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A superb film
ian-mcintyre-360741 August 2018
I read lots of negative reviews before watching this but was pleasantly surprised. The acting and pace kept me gripped.
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bkrauser-81-3110642 May 2017
Unforgettable nips at the heels of an inconceivable yet still surprisingly common movie tradition. Movies like this seem to come out like clockwork every spring and fall, selling trashy love triangles, campy plot contrivances and flavorless counterfeit emotions masquerading as insights into the human psyche. I'm half tempted to keep this review as general as possible just so I can plug it in in perpetuity every time an Obsessed (2009) or a When the Bough Breaks (2016) or a The Perfect Guy (2015) rears its haughty, contemptuous head.

But no, I will play nice, on the off chance that maybe someday one of these overwhelmingly crappy movies actually manages to reach the high bar set by Fatal Attraction (1987) - my God, Fatal Attraction is the high bar! And as much as I would like to say Unforgettable inches closer than most to being a passable dunderotica thriller, the fact is this movie may just be the worst of the bunch.

Rosario Dawson plays free spirit Julia Banks whose relationship with a former Investment banker turned California Brewer is high-and-away the best thing she has going for her. She has a job as a writer/editor I think but its obvious that's just an excuse for her to take lone baths in the middle of the day when the lights better. The only kink in her new relationship with...Mike, I wanna say it's Mike (Stults) is he constantly has to interact with his ex-wife, Tessa (Heigl) on account of their prissy little daughter (Rice). As the relationship gets more serious, Tessa sets out to make Julia's new life a living hell with the partial help of Julia's tumultuous past and a hacked iPhone.

The focus of our attention switches quixotically between the two women forcing the audience to choose sympathies between one character's milk-and-water niceness and the other's eye-twitching fastidiousness. Yet because of the laughable dialogue, the forced backstory and the awkward mish-mash of leering camera angles and lazy editing; having to choose between the two is like asking whether would would like to be bitten by a poisonous asp or smothered with a pillow.

Moments of Heigl plotting with the intensity of the nitrates in her wine flirt the line between reality and parody. She is hands down the best part of this movie mostly because the meta-text of her blubbering about being loved hints to the actresses own fall from grace, which (unfairly) pitted her against the Apatow frat-pack and the whole of entertainment media.

This movie is unlikely to help her image, especially when the story forces her and Dawson to go from blandly cordial to Jerry Springer, "Hands-off-my-man-b***h," level craziness with the power of a single cut. It's all so painfully contrived too as literally every major plot-point can be undone if anyone bothered to confirm suspicions instead of letting them lie. I suppose if it helps the story, normal human interactions can be sacrificed, especially when the source of this love triangle has a penchant for excusing anyone's concerns with a hand-wave. Ex-wife gives the "how well do you really know her" speech; don't sweat it. Child gets a haircut as punishment; seems like normal behavior. girlfriend's abusive ex-lover winds up bloody on the kitchen floor; let's wait until we hear from all sides.

Unforgettable's bogus lack of thrills, astonishingly idiotic characters and clumsily threaded plot-points are as basic and unnecessary as a Unicorn Frappuccino. All hopes for a stupidly sweet retooling of familiar clichés are dashed in favor of a sour monstrosity that basically announces you wasted your money. If a lesson can be learned here, its to never make your smartphone's password your birth-date; that and to never trust a woman who won't drink your own brewed beer.
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cebanbelubo26 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Characcter horrible and plot too. Katherine Heigl is so bad here
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